Uwa's lighting mods

Updated aircraft lighting for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The FS2020 lighting effects for most default aircraft are too low or even incorrect because the same effects have to work for many different aircraft. My mod provides customized and more realistic landing lights, taxi lights, strobes, nav lights, etc. for each individual aircraft. Thanks for stopping by and have fun! Post your comments or questions below, or message me on https://forums.flightsimulator.com/.

Latest Releases:
Compatible with FS2020 1.30.12 “Avionics Update”
Nov 9/22: SU10 unlocked the “premium” aircraft! Added the C152 Aerobat, C172 Classic, Baron G58, Cirrus SR22, B787

Supported community projects:
Cessna Longitude Mod by Dakfly (on flightsim.to)
Working Title CJ4

787 Baron



VL-3 External E330 External

XCub External Cap10 External DR400 External DR400 Internal External